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Early Days
Ellis Transport Ltd was founded by Mike Ellis in 1980 whilst working as a car salesman at a local Ford dealer. The opportunity arose to buy a second hand transit truck and a local plastics company gave him his first job - running washing machine lids from Gloucester to Hotpoints at Llandudno. This work rapidly became a 24 hour operation and the transit struggled to keep up.

Further vehicles were added and extra employees taken on as the customer introduced new lines to their product range.

One of these lines was the manufacture of tractor bonnets for the Case Tractor factory at Doncaster.

Soon regular loads were heading up the M1 to Yorkshire with initially the prospect of empty journeys home. This problem was quickly addressed as return loads of tractors from the same plant became the order of the day.

Vehicle operating in clients livery

Twenty years on with a fleet of 70 trucks/trailers and a staff of 45 Ellis Transport Ltd is still very much involved with tractors, plant and farm machinery and the relationship with Case Tractor continues to this day.

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